Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Made in Canada

What does a 'Made in Canada' tag mean to you?

To us, it means quality control, environmental responsibility and a commitment to the local economy.

When a product is built in Canada, it is manufactured under strict regulations. It is built to preform at a certain standard and function safely. When products are constructed offshore, the manufacturing quality has the potential to suffer dramatically. 

With fewer environmental checks and balances, many offshore factories produce a higher quantity of industrial admissions. These admissions are adding to the global degradation of our atmosphere and are making the planet a little less habitable every day.

When products are produced overseas, the amount of transportation pollution increases ten-fold. When Canadian companies construct their own products, they eliminate the extra pollution produced by shipping.

A 'Made in Canada' tag also tells you that Canadians were employed in the manufacturing process. With the current economic climate, keeping jobs in Canada is important to every Canadian. A strong manufacturing industry encourages foreign investment and increases the value of Canadian products worldwide. 

Feathercraft is committed to building quality kayaks in a safe, environmentally conscious, local environment. That is why each one of our boats comes with a 'Made in Canada' tag.

Feathercraft. Made in Canada. Paddled Worldwide.

The Idea of a Folding Kayak

Why do we create folding kayaks instead of rigid boats? The answer is simple: flexibility.

With a folding kayak you can store your boat in almost any living space. Every kayak we manufacture comes apart in a simple disassembly process. The skin, hull, rudder and skirt all fit into specifically designed backpacks for easy storage.

Assembled, or in its compact form, a Feathercraft kayak is one of the lightest boats on the market. Our ultralight K-Light weighs approximately 14.9 kg, just under 33 lbs. A rigid frame kayak is much heavier.

With a light boat that can be disassembled, the options for travel dramatically increase. Check your boat on a plane, carry it in the back of your hatchback or portage with freedom - with a folding kayak their are no limitations. 

Flexibility also extends to the paddle experience. A folding kayak is unique in the way it joins the paddler and the body of water it is traveling over. Wave energy is absorbed effortlessly with a skin design, allowing for a safer, less disruptive ride.  

Environmental connection, increased travel possibilities, lighter boats, easier storage - Why make folding kayaks...? Why would we make anything else?

Feathercraft. Made in Canada. Paddled Worldwide.

Our New Blog

Welcome to Feathercraft's new blog site.
Feathercraft is Canada's leading designer and manufacturer of folding kayaks. Our kayaks are based on an ancient skin design. We have replaced animal hides with urethane fabrics, welded together to create a seamless skin composed of a deck and hull layer. Our aluminum frames are ultralight and are made of the same alloy utilized in airline construction.  Buoyancy is achieved with the help of sponson chambers that run along the inside of the frame.

Each kayak that we design folds up and fits in a backpack that can be stored easily in the closet of any home. 
These unique boats are all handmade by the skilled staff at our factory on Granville Island, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts.

Feathercraft. Made in Canada. Paddled Worldwide.