Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Idea of a Folding Kayak

Why do we create folding kayaks instead of rigid boats? The answer is simple: flexibility.

With a folding kayak you can store your boat in almost any living space. Every kayak we manufacture comes apart in a simple disassembly process. The skin, hull, rudder and skirt all fit into specifically designed backpacks for easy storage.

Assembled, or in its compact form, a Feathercraft kayak is one of the lightest boats on the market. Our ultralight K-Light weighs approximately 14.9 kg, just under 33 lbs. A rigid frame kayak is much heavier.

With a light boat that can be disassembled, the options for travel dramatically increase. Check your boat on a plane, carry it in the back of your hatchback or portage with freedom - with a folding kayak their are no limitations. 

Flexibility also extends to the paddle experience. A folding kayak is unique in the way it joins the paddler and the body of water it is traveling over. Wave energy is absorbed effortlessly with a skin design, allowing for a safer, less disruptive ride.  

Environmental connection, increased travel possibilities, lighter boats, easier storage - Why make folding kayaks...? Why would we make anything else?

Feathercraft. Made in Canada. Paddled Worldwide.

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