Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Innovation Rewarded

In 2011, Feathercraft Kayaks was honoured with the British Columbia Creative Achievement Award of Distinction. It was a honour that we received for our innovation in kayak design.

Innovation requires a leap. It builds on a present solution and offers a superior process for engagement. It can be tedious work that leads to dead-ends, long nights and grey hairs. Years of asking, 'what if we did it this way,' can end in, 'well, I guess it can't be done.'

The Feathercraft Company is built on innovative thinking. We began making kayaks in a time when fiberglass boats dominated the market. We knew that the Inuit had succeeded in making skin kayaks, but their design needed a new spin.

We asked the question, "Why can't we make a modern skin kayak with an aluminum frame and a welded urethane skin? And if we can, why not make it collapsible?"

After years of experimenting, Feathercraft created the first modern collapsible kayak.
In 2012, we are still designing new boats. We are the leader in the folding kayak industry because of our commitment to innovation.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who supported our dream and bought our kayaks. We hope you're having as much fun paddling them as we have designing them. 

Former Premier Gordon Campbell, Doug Simpson and Keith Mitchell, 
Chair of the BC Achievement Foundation

-Previous winners of the British Columbia Creative Achievement Award of Distinction include, John Fluevog, Karl Stittgen and Toni Cavelti.

Feathercraft. Made in Canada. Paddled Worldwide.  

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