Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Forest Ethics: Putting the Environment First

Causes and Organizations Important to Feathercraft

Last Monday, a rally was held outside the Vancouver Art Gallery to protest the presence of oil tankers in the Vancouver harbour and Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline. Hundreds voiced their concern for the safety of Canada's wild interior and the Pacific Coastline.

One of the leading non-profit organizations spearheading the rally was Forest Ethics.
Forest Ethics is an environmental organization dedicated to the protection of Canada's forests, waterways and the wild animals that inhabit them. They work to ensure the communities affected by corporate resource depletion are treated justly and are given the proper platform to voice their local concerns.

One of Forest Ethics' main initiatives is corporation accountability. They target businesses that profit from resources taken from Canada's natural spaces.

When corporate bodies look to improve their environmental practises, Forest Ethics offers 'Market Solutions' to implement effective policies for change.

Their Green Grade Report Cards document corporations that are succeeding in preserving wild spaces and corporations that are profiting from the unnecessary depletion of the environment.

In 2010, two of their highest grades were given to Walgreens and Whole Foods, two companies that both chose to avoid using fuel from refineries connected to Canada's tar sand industry.

Feathercraft views Forest Ethics as a powerful champion in the fight to save Canada's wilderness. For more information about this organization and their current initiatives, visit their website at:

Feathercraft. Made in Canada. Paddled Worldwide.

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