Friday, 16 March 2012

Space Saver

The world population grows, housing prices rise and our private spaces shrink. The room we have to store our outdoor toys is constantly being reduced. We crave the exhilaration that comes from our outdoor activities, but the biggest burden becomes storage.

Skis, harnesses, wakeboards, bikes... they all take up room. Add a canoe or kayak into the mix and your living room space could quickly be a thing of the past.

Enter Feathercraft. A Feathercraft kayak is designed for those people with a passion for outdoor play. Feathercraft knows that outdoor gear quickly adds up (you should see our bike locker), so we designed a kayak that can be folded neatly into a backpack. This bag can then be stored in a closet, in an apartment storage locker, or underneath the stairs.

You don't need to fill your carport with a cumbersome boat or rent a drydock slip at the marina. You can own a boat and store it next to your shoes.

Crazy, we know – but it’s true.

"See that space between the pillow and the shoes...? 
You could fit a kayak there!"

Interested in seeing one of our boats assembled? Check out this sped-up video of a young couple assembling one of our kayaks in less than 30 minutes. 

Feathercraft. Made in Canada. Paddled Worldwide. 

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