Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Kayak Spotlight: "Klondike"

The Klondike is one of our most adaptable boats that we make. It can be used as a single kayak, a double or a double with a smaller third party option, for a child or pet.
Its unique open deck design allows you the flexibility (there's that word again) to alter your boat’s structure with a simple seat adjustment, crossrib move and a change of spray skirts. 
The open deck design gives you easy access to edible items, fishing gear or camera equipment.
The Klondike is considered a medium volume kayak, with a recommended max trip length of two weeks.

Klondike's Specs:
Skill Level: Intermediate
Assembly: 45 min
Length: 5.43 m x 77.5 cm (17' 10" x 31")
Weight: 34.25 kg (75.5 lbs)
Cockpit Size: 209 cm x 53 cm (83" x 20.75")
Rudder: Included

Borrowing a certain slogan from a delicious ice cream bar company - we ask the question:
"What would you do 'with' a Klondike?"
We would paddle the world. And we have. 

Feathercraft. Made in Canada. Paddled Worldwide.

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